Weapon of Choice : Mamiya 645AF

Disclaimer – This is not a full spec review by the way. This is just my own personal opinion about the cameras I use. How I like using it and how it fits my way of shooting. If you want to know more about the camera in terms of specs and all. You can ask http://www.google.com


The Mamiya 645AF my current latest gear. Before this, I’ve used a many different 120 Format cameras. For example, Mamiya RB67, Hassleblad 500CM & 500 ELX, Pentax 6×7, and the Rolleiflex. This is my first time using a 645 format which is so much more useful for me. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of 6×6 format. Yes i’ve changed cameras so many times and if you’re asking why? Basically, when I started film photography, I’ve always wanted to try out different cameras. What I’d do is buy and sell, buy and sell. From there, I learn how these cameras work and find the suitable one for me. At first, I thought the Hasselblad system was the one for me but again, I was never a fan of square format. It has its own art form yes but it isn’t my kind of style. Anyways, why the Mamiya 645? 2 things, built in lightmeter and a hot shoe. If you know how I shoot, I tend to do a lot of flash photography. Before this, I’d use my Hasselblad with the pc sync cord to trigger the flash. But despite it being an old camera, sometimes it doesn’t trigger which annoys me a lot and I can’t really depend on it. So I wanted something reliable. With the Hasselblad, I would need to carry a separate light meter as well because it has no built in light meter. To be honest, before this I never had a problem carrying my light meter around and metering with it. But when I’m on shoots, time is money. I need everything to be fast. So having to meter the model or the product and shoot and yada yada takes a while. Unless I have an assistant but that cost money. And i’ve read a couple of good review of the Mamiya 645AF. I was always keen but never could find a good condition one until my buddy Jeff who sells second hand film cameras on Facebook had one unit in good condition. You can check out his page here https://www.facebook.com/TheShutter.Films?fref=ts . Reasonable price and a nice guy to talk to. I buy most of my stuff from him.




Danial Naim – Mamiya 645AF//80mm 2.8//Kodak Potra 400


Jean – Mamiya 645AF//80mm 2.8//Kodak Potra 400


May Lim – Mamiya 645AF//80mm 2.8//Kodak Potra 400

After 3 months of having this camera, I am very happy with the photographs it produces. I am currently shooting with a 80mm 1:2.8 lens which is equivalent to a 50mm on a the 35mm format. The bokeh (depth of field) is beyond beautiful. And this camera is idiot proof. Idiot proof meaning anyone can pick this camera up and start shooting. It has the normal modes you find in a DSLR for example Aperture priority, Shutter priority, and Manual. A built in light meter so I can adjust my settings while looking through the viewfinder. In terms of weight, no complains. I’ve carried much heavier camera than this. Imagine shooting street photography with a Mamiya RB67. What was I thinking? Shooting on a 645 format gives me 16 frames as well which is just nice. Sharpness of the lens suits me. I mean it shoots on film and I’m not that anal about sharpness. Interchangeable backs which is useful for me if I’m on a location and if I need to switch between colour or black and white film. Viewfinder is bright as well.  I mean its a nice camera and I doubt I’ll be changing to another camera anytime soon (Hopefully). A lot of people told me to get the Contax 645 but the price is OVERKILL. I rather get a Leica MP if I had the chance. I haven’t pushed it to its full potential yet but I am waiting for the chance when I can.




Cat Stare – Mamiya 645AF//80mm 2.8//Kodak Tmax 400 – 1600//Kodak HC110B


Azlan – Mamiya 645AF//80mm 2.8//Kodak Tmax 400 – 1600//Kodak HC110B



Allicia Amin For Civil – Mamiya 645AF//80mm 2.8//Kodak Tmax 400 – 1600//Kodak HC110B



Civil Lookbook – Mamiya 645AF//80mm 2.8//Kodak Tmax 400 – 1600//Kodak HC110B

Overall, I am happy with this investment. No complains so far and I enjoy shooting with this camera. For some weird reason, every time I take a picture with this beast, I know the picture will come out beautiful. If your looking for a 120 Format camera to start with, this camera might be the one for you.