Behind The Image : The Nepal Boy


Back in 2014, I bought myself plane tickets to Nepal without having a proper plan. The main idea was to get lost in Nepal. When I say lost, it doesn’t mean not being able to find my way home. I just wanted to walk and explore the city of Kathmandu without having any plans in mind.

When I was younger, I never thought I’d ever visit a country like Nepal. Thanks to photography, it took me to places I never thought I would visit – and Nepal was one of them.

The photograph above has a special story behind it. This was taken in Thamel, which is known as a hotspot for tourists to hang about. On my way back to my hotel, I was walking through the crowded street filled with people doing their own things and I stumbled upon this small tunnel. I stood there contemplating to myself if I should see what was on the other side of the tunnel. If you look at the photograph, the black hole on the left behind the boy, that was where I came from. As I walked in, I was surrounded by windows of places people were living in. A boy and his mom was on the other side sitting down talking to each other. When I came into the picture, they both looked surprised. I guess they reacted that way as not many tourists walked down that way – which wasn’t to my surprise.

I went up to the boy and greeted him “Namaste” whilst pointing to my camera asking if I could take a picture of him. He then started smiling covering his face and ran around me. This is when I started slowly capturing him running around that small space. I had maybe 6 shots of him, but I particularly like this photograph asI love the color of the windows and the texture from the door – and I was lucky enough to have him standing there looking straight at me.

During trips like these, a compact camera would be ideal to capture these fast paced moments. Hence why I am intrigued by the new compact camera released by Light called L16 which combines 16 different lenses in just one body. It amazes me what technology can create these days. It definitely takes my photography trips on a truly different level.

Looking forward to many more trips like this in the future. Next stop Japan in December!

Author: Razlan Yusof

Razlan Yusof. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A warm and friendly guy, graduated as an advertising and graphic design student but ventured into photography since 7 years back. His work focuses on portraits as he enjoys photographing people and capturing the emotions of their story.

2 thoughts on “Behind The Image : The Nepal Boy

  1. Beautiful picture and story. Thank you for sharing!

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